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Grimshaw: My debut album jitters

Aiden Grimshaw has confessed he is "a bit scared" about the release of his debut album.

The former X Factor contestant's record Misty Eye is out on Monday, and he admitted he is feeling nervous.

"I'm a bit scared of how it's going to do because I'm not One Direction or Calvin Harris so it's not going to be number one. Hopefully it's going to build and grow," he said.

Aiden, who played V Festival this weekend, said he's been buoyed up by the positive response from fans and critics to his new material.

He revealed in the Virgin Media Louder Lounge: "Everyone's writing really good stuff about it - you don't really know how to judge it and what to say.

"It is going well, I still sit on my own on the sofa and going, 'Aaah' about it but genuinely I feel dead happy. I'm dead proud of it."

As for a collaboration in the future, Aiden said he'd love to work with Andre 3000 "because he's sick" or Lana Del Ray "because she's fit".

He added: "If it all goes to pieces and I end up working in a pizza place I can be like, 'You know I met Lana Del Ray?'"


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