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Hamilton and Neville are expecting

Natasha Hamilton and Ritchie Neville are expecting a baby together.

The couple met while filming ITV2 show The Big Reunion last year and have been dating since August, but have now told OK! that Natasha is pregnant with her fourth child and Ritchie's first.

Atomic Kitten star Natasha said: "It's a complete miracle because I had cysts on my ovaries last year and the specialists nearly had to remove them."

The singer, who already has three boys - Josh, 11, with Fran Cosgrave; Harry, nine, with Gavin Hatcher; and Alfie, three, with Riad Erraji - added of her bandmates: "I think Kerry [Katona] and I have scared Liz [McClarnon] off kids between the two of us.

"There'll be enough nieces and nephews to tide her over for now."

On how the news had changed their relationship, Ritchie said: "She's stuck with me forever now, no matter what happens."

But the couple, who have both been married before, agreed they were in no rush for another wedding, with Natasha saying: "We've talked about marriage but we've done that before, so there's no rush."

Ritchie added: "It's not the 1930s. It's no problem if we have kids out of wedlock."

Talking about the baby scan, Natasha revealed: "As soon as we saw the heartbeat I could breathe. Then Ritchie went into panic mode and asked a million questions."

Five singer Ritchie said: "This is my first child so I'd never seen a scan and suddenly our baby was on the screen and I swore - it was a proper mindblower."


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