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Hamilton, Neville baby excitement

Natasha Hamilton and Ritchie Neville have talked about how excited they are for the arrival of their first baby together.

The new couple, who knew each other from their first shot at fame as members of Atomic Kitten and Five, got together after getting back in touch when they appeared on ITV2's The Big Reunion.

Natasha, already mum to three boys, recently announced she was pregnant and told ITV's Lorraine show: "[Last year] I had a ruptured cyst and lots of pain and complications so the doctor spoke to me and said I may have to have my ovaries removed at some point which was quite a shock.

"In my head, I thought maybe that's why I had children young because in later life I was going to have health issues so it was just not on the radar, we weren't planning a baby and then when Rich was in Austria in January we had a little cuddle..."

Ritchie, who reckoned he had predicted Natasha's pregnancy when he realised she smelled of newborn babies, said of the happy news: "It definitely is a life changer, even just on perspectives on the world and stuff, the world's a different place all of a sudden."

Natasha added that so far she had been feeling quite sick, but said of Ritchie: "It's just beautiful to see how excited he is and we're just really, really happy, we can't wait."

She revealed her plans for after the baby is born and Ritchie is on tour: "I'll tag along and be the groupie!"

Natasha also admitted that despite their romance now, it wasn't love at first sight when their careers began: "We were just friends. We've known each other since I was 16 and he was about 19 or so.

"Back in the day we used to pass each other always at gigs and say 'Hi' and have a little chit-chat but we didn't know much about each other."


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