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Harry Styles turned down movie role

Harry Styles had the chance to be a movie star but turned it down for One Direction, it has emerged.

Film boss Harvey Weinstein told the Mail Online that he offered the curly-haired singer a part in his new movie Tulip Fever, which would have seen him sharing the screen with stars like Dame Judi Dench, Christoph Waltz and Alicia Vikander and locking lips with Cara Delevingne.

However, Harry - who was once romantically linked to model Cara - said no because he was too tied up performing with his bandmates.

Harvey said: "I offered Harry a role in Tulip Fever but he was touring so he had to turn it down.

"The part ended up going to Matthew Morrison and let me tell you this, the very first scene he shot was one of him kissing Cara Delevingne."

He joked: "So I'm sure Harry won't be turning be down the next role I offer him."

However, it seems the movie mogul still has his eye on 20-year-old Harry for a Hollywood career.

"He's like Errol Flynn, he's got that swashbuckling charm," he said. "Definite star potential. I think he'd be great. No question."

Tulip Fever is set in Amsterdam in the 17th century and follows a married woman who is having an affair with an artist who is painting her, and plots to run away with him.

Dane DeHaan, Jack O'Connell, Holliday Grainger and Zach Galifianakis will also appear in the film, which will be directed by Justin Chadwick.


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