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Hawley owes royalties to his dog

Richard Hawley has his pet dog to thank for some of the songs on his most recent albums.

The Sheffield singer-songwriter walks Fred in the scenic spot of Forge Dam, near to where he lives, which has proved the main source of inspiration for his music.

"I've written most of the last two albums while out with the dog," Richard said. "I rarely sit at a piano or guitar to start off a song these days, I just get ideas while I'm walking and hum then into my phone.

"If Fred could talk, I'm sure he'd ask for 50 per cent royalties, but he gets a nice bone from the butcher every now and again so he's happy."

Richard, who has released a new album Standing At The Sky's Edge, has a large UK tour ahead but will be hoping that, this time, there are no accidents.

He ended up playing all scheduled summer shows in a wheelchair after slipping on a step and breaking his leg while playing a festival in Spain.

"I was stone cold sober, that's the most annoying thing about it, I can't even blame booze."

He said: "I don't cancel shows, ever. I'd had this right ordeal in the hospital. The marrow was leaking into my bloodstream and poisoning me. A few more hours and I'd have died.

"Anyway, we were back at the hotel an hour or so before the show and I just said 'Let's do it', so we borrowed a wheelchair and went to play to 80,000 people. I was on so much pain relief, I don't remember a lot."

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