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Heartbreak sparked Cardle's album

Matt Cardle has revealed how his own heartache acted as inspiration for his new album The Fire.

The singer was dating dancer Sarah Robinson when he won The X Factor in 2010, and the couple lived together for over a year before they split.

"The main inspiration was the break-up of the relationship at the time. The album is about that essentially," he admitted.

He added: "I fell in love during the show. Through mistakes that I've made and other situations, we just fell apart and the whole album is about that."

Matt also parted ways with his record label Columbia Records around the same time, to join up with So Recordings for The Fire, which he also produced.

"I got to record the album myself, I got to play a lot of instruments myself and produce it which was an amazing experience," he revealed.

"This is why we moved, so I could have the freedom to do that. I've always done that in the past - when I was writing for my solo albums and with my band, the others would play the instruments."

Matt's new album The Fire and single It's Only Love are both out on October 29.


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