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Hoosiers haven't listened to single

The Hoosiers' Irwin Sparkes has joked their new single Choices is so long he doesn't think he'll ever listen to it all the way through.

The band have released a 43-minute version of the single in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust, breaking the world record for the longest ever single.

Irwin joked: "It is actually being released as a single though. It'll be out there. I don't know if I'll ever listen to it though. It's the doing it for me, for that, the 43 minutes."

The band are unsure if they will ever perform the song live in its entirety.

But bandmate Martin Skarendahl joked: "Sometimes it takes us that long to play it right, so maybe."

Drummer Alfonso Sharland explained the single had actually helped them break more than one record.

He revealed:"It's the world record for the longest single.

"Actually for that one we've got the record for the most co-writers because we got fans to send in their suggestions and versions of verses, so we sang them on there, so it's the most co-written song of all time."

:: The Hoosiers performed live at The Carphone Warehouse in London's Oxford Street to launch their new music streaming service Music Anywhere.


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