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Horan wants fans to speak to him

Niall Horan has spilled the beans on his ideal woman - he'd like her to play an instrument.

The One Direction star said he wasn't bothered about finding a famous other half.

He told The Sun: "Girls who play instruments are very attractive and very cool so I wouldn't mind that.

"Haim (the band) are very cool but I don't care if they're famous or anything. They just have to be nice."

Niall, who was linked to Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson in May, said that he wished his fans would calm down.

He said: "I wish when fans get 20 seconds with you, they would just sit and have a quick chat rather than just go 'Arrggghhhh, arrggghhhh!' in your face.

"I just want to have a chat with them and hear what they have to say."


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