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Horrocks releases indie covers

Jane Horrocks is launching a career as an indie rock star
Jane Horrocks is launching a career as an indie rock star

Jane Horrocks is launching an indie music career - by releasing covers of Joy Division and Morrissey tracks on iTunes.

The Absolutely Fabulous star is self-releasing the songs by the Mancunian acts over the next few weeks and says she is considering further songs by space-rock veterans Hawkwind and 80s electronic act Cabaret Voltaire. Jane said she had been inspired by her latest movie role in Sunshine On Leith for which she had to perform tracks by The Proclaimers, including hit single Letter From America.

"I thought they were so interesting with female voices, and I thought you heard the lyrics in a totally different way, and I thought I'd like to do that with a couple of my favourite songs - and these are indeed my favourite songs.

"I'm a massive fan of Joy Division, I love their music - particularly the lyrics. So that's why I chose them - mainly because I'm a fan."

She added: "I'm reliving my 20s again."

Jane, who has recorded Joy Division's Isolation and former Smiths star Morrissey's Life Is A Pigsty, said it seemed appropriate to cover Manchester bands because of the proximity to her home town of Rawtenstall.

She said: "At the moment I've no plans to release a physical copy, but I'm going to see how it goes on iTunes first, and possibly do something like release a 7-inch - do an A and B-side.

"I've self-funded it, and am self-publicising it as well. It's cost quite a lot of money to make the records anyway. I've got decent people playing on it and I got a very good producer, so I kind of don't want to spend any more money on a publicity person."

Asked about other tracks she would like to record, she said: " Hashish by Hawkwind, and Nag Nag Nag by Cabaret Voltaire - that's an old 80s song. They used to play it in the clubs that I used to go to, and it's only got one lyric, which is 'nag nag nag'.

"Most people think when I say I've done a couple of songs that it's going to be Judy Garland or Gracie Fields, so it comes as a bit of a surprise. But that's the music that I really like."


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