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Houghton: Don't call me Marling

Beth Jeans Houghton has admitted she hates being compared to folk singer Laura Marling.

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Newcastle says she likes Marling's music, but insists she is very different.

Beth said: "It makes me think the person saying it hasn't heard my music. Basically we're both blonde, female and write songs, that's as far as I think it goes."

Beth has just released her debut album Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose with her band The Hooves Of Destiny, after spending three years working on the record.

She is not a fan of London but is keen to work in Los Angeles.

Beth revealed: "Last time I was in LA. Neil Young drove me around Malibu in a Cadillac.

"I don't know him or anything. I was with a mate out there who said he was going to see 'his friend Neil' and that I should go with them. Turns out 'Neil' was Neil Young.

"He collects Cadillacs, I think, and he turned up in this gorgeous white car and drove us around Malibu beach all day. He's a very slow driver, but a lovely man."


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