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Howard Donald: I like Mary and Matt

Howard Donald should be prepared for Take That's performance on The X Factor - because his girlfriend makes him watch it.

The singer, whose band is appearing on the TV talent show in two weeks' time, said: "I'm made to watch it sometimes by my girlfriend."

And he's seen enough to know who his favourites are - Mary Byrne and Matt Cardle.

He said: "Out of everyone on it at the moment I can see Mary doing an album, and Matt too, he's brilliant."

He went on: "Mary puts a lot of heart and soul into her singing. Matt I can see his album being quite cool, more indie based. It'll be a real shame if they tell him what to do and if he starts doing all this pop stuff."

But Howard said that he wouldn't want his band to mentor the acts.

He said: "I wouldn't do it. When there's five of us it's difficult for us all to do an interview. We like talking over each other. I'd rather leave it to Gary and Robbie."


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