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Iggy has fun with Snoop's jibes


Iggy Azalea wore a White Chicks-inspired outfit for Halloween

Iggy Azalea wore a White Chicks-inspired outfit for Halloween

Iggy Azalea wore a White Chicks-inspired outfit for Halloween

Iggy Azalea had the last laugh in her feud with Snoop Dogg by wearing a White Chicks-inspired costume for Halloween.

The rapper had been teasing the singer online, comparing her to Marlon Wayans' character in the 2004 film.

Last month he posted a picture which appeared to be of an albino man, captioned "Iggy Azalea no make-up" and he shared a mock poster for a sequel to the film, saying "White Chicks 2 starring Iggy". Snoop also shared a split image of the Aussie rapper and Marlon's character and said: "So we just gonna ignore that fact that iggy look like marlon from white chicks."

He later apologised, but Fancy singer Iggy used Halloween to show she was ready to have a bit of fun with it, wearing an outfit inspired by the character.

"Happy Halloween!" she captioned an Instagram snap of her and a friend dressed as the film's titular "white chicks", which saw them wearing lots of pink and denim and some very heavy make-up.

A video clip of the singer and her friend in character was captioned: "Bye haterzzzzz."

Several other stars also got into the Halloween spirit over the weekend, including Heidi Klum, who partied with friends at her annual bash.

The model throws a big party every year and is known for her lavish costumes, and this year she decided to go as a butterfly, complete with enormous wings and prosthetics.

Heidi - who dressed as an elderly woman for last year's party - told E! News it took her five hours to get ready, and explained that the insect outfit impressed her children.

"They said, 'Are you really in there Mama?'," she said. "They weren't scared at all but the one time that I [looked] like me but older, they were scared."

Several stars also had fun dressing up their offspring, with Kim Kardashian sharing pictures of her daughter North kitted out as a cute skunk, and Beyonce putting daughter Blue Ivy in a Michael Jackson costume, while she went as his sister Janet.