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I'll find Mr Right for Sinead O'Connor

Veteran matchmaker promises singer a man she can settle down with

By Nick Bramnill

Matchmaker Willie Daly has made an ambitious New Year's resolution - to find lasting love for newly-separated songstress Sinead O'Connor.

Earlier this week the 45-year-old walked away from her fourth marriage after just 16 days.

Veteran love doctor Willie, who played Cupid to the Nothing Compares 2 U singer at his Lisdoonvarna lovefest last September, promised the performer he would find her perfect match.

He said the eccentric star was right to break off her relationship with drug counsellor Barry Herridge, insisting: "I think she was in too much of a rush."

He said: "Sinead's a wonderful free spirit and I noticed that about her when she came to Lisdoonvarna earlier in the year.

"She got a lot of attention and was in huge demand from many of the eligible fellas when she was here, but I think the enthusiasm of one or two of them scared her off. She was maybe more picky than I expected her to be, but I'm still certain that I could find the right man for her."

Willie (69) claims his old-fashioned techniques have led to more than 240 marriages in the past year. The third-generation matchmaker said he's sure his ancient methods would conjure up husband number five for hapless Sinead, adding: "My technique is tried and tested and works.

"Sinead has a wonderful heart and I've no doubt she will soon find the happiness she deserves and a lasting romance."

However, Sinead may need some convincing if she is to sign up to Willie's services again.

When she arrived in Lisdoonvarna last year on a three-day trip to find love, she was less than impressed, likening some of the lusty farmers at the festival to "the cast of Deliverance".

She later told how she "nearly dropped dead on the spot" and quickly made up an excuse after being introduced to one of the 'dates' Willie had lined up for her.

Describing the looks she received from throngs of love-hungry bachelors in one of the Co Clare town's bars, she recalled: "They were winking and grinning at each other and hitching up their trousers as if to say: 'We're in here, lads'. Oh my God."

She finally left Lisdoonvarna, vowing to "call off the manhunt".

However, earlier this month it seemed she had finally found happiness after walking down the aisle at the famous White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas in Nevada.

But after living together for just seven days, she walked out on her 38-year-old hubby earlier this week.

She said: "From the moment myself and my husband got together not long ago, there was intense pressure placed upon him by certain people in his life, not to be involved with me."

She added: "The marriage was 16 days. We lived together for seven days only. Within three hours of the ceremony being over the marriage was kiboshed by the behaviour of certain people in my husband's life."

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