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Jagger to take super group on tour?

Sir Mick Jagger has said he'd love to tour with his new super group SuperHeavy.

The Rolling Stone has teamed up with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, Joss Stone, Bob Marley's youngest son Damian Marley and Slumdog Millionaire composer AR Rahman to form the group which Dave, 58, describes as a "mad alchemist type experiment".

Mick, 67, told the Daily Mail: "The music is very wide-ranging - from reggae to ballads to Indian songs in Urdu.

"We haven't planned to do a tour or anything, but if people really like it maybe we will. We'd love to get out and play some of it live."

The band has been in the works for two years and after rehearsing together in Los Angeles their debut single Miracle Worker will be released on July 7.

Talking about how the group came about, Dave revealed: "I was in the Caribbean and I went to the top of a hill. When I got to the top, light was kind of coming through the leaves on the trees.

"I had this kind of flash of how there could be a fusion of music from different parts of the world mixed together and I could visualise it.

"Then I called you [Sir Mick]."

The SuperHeavy album will be released on Universal in September.

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