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Jagger's entourage-free SuperHeavy

Mick Jagger steered clear of egos while forming his new supergroup.

The Rolling Stone has created an all-star band, SuperHeavy, with Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart.

Asked how he picked the band's other members, which include singer-songwriter Joss Stone, he said: "One thing that we did think about, we didn't want people with loads of entourages and that would have too big ... egos."

He added: "It is very quick how human beings sort of adjust to each other's temperaments and creativity.

"It is just like being in a cocktail party with a group of people. Either the cocktail party is going to go well or it doesn't. It depends on the vibe."

SuperHeavy also features Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman and reggae singer Damian Marley.

Mick can also be heard rapping on the album.

He said: "I was just copying Damian... Damian was doing this really good toasting, West Indian rapping, so I thought, 'I could do that. It can't be that difficult.'

"It actually was quite difficult. With a bit of practice, it is all right. It is a laugh."


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