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Jamelia concerned at skimpy outfits

Jamelia has admitted she is embarrassed by some of the skimpy outfits she wore for her videos.

The singer, who now co-hosts ITV's Loose Women, told fellow panellists on the show she agreed with former Spice Girl Mel C, who said she did not let her daughter watch raunchy videos.

She said: "I think I went through the same process myself. Having two daughters myself. When you're an artist and you don't have responsibilities within your household, you don't think about it, and when you see your own child being affected or influenced that's when it does become a concern.

"For me when I was younger, when I was doing the Superstar video - was that a skirt?"

She went on: " Now I feel responsible. Not only for my own daughter but other people's daughters and someone like J-Lo at 42 years old, I'm sorry she should be thinking about other people's kids as well and that's my problem."

Mel C said her daughter was a "big fan of Rihanna" but her videos were "too sexual " for her to be allowed to watch them.


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