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James Arthur considering new name

James Arthur has revealed he is considering changing his name - to just 'Arthur'.

The former X Factor winner revealed on Twitter he is considering dropping his first name, James, from his stage moniker, and asked fans what they thought.

James tweeted: "How would the fans feel if the next record was released under the name "Arthur" and james was dropped going forward as I'm a new character?

"Id like to start over [sic].

"This will be my artist name and stage name.. Of course you guys know I'm james in real life

"I'll leave it with you guys. Your opinion is important to me."

The 26-year-old musician - who parted ways with Simon Cowell's record label Syco earlier this year - implied he was turning over a new leaf, and wanted to disassociate himself with some of his past behaviour.

James - who won the ITV talent show in 2012 - had earned a reputation for launching bitter rants against other musicians and the industry.

He tweeted: "There's stigma attached to the name james Arthur that im ashamed of.. They can throw dirt at a triangle with Arthur beside it all day long... For all I care

"But.. James Arthur has enough dirt on his name [sic]"

The singer spoke about changing as a person earlier this year.

He told The Sun in May: "I'm not angry any more or bitter about it, it's just how life goes. I have regrets, but you live and learn."


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