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James Blunt: Soldiers are more sensitive

James Blunt feels the emotions in his songs are linked to his days in the military.

The British singer has become known for his emotive tunes since bursting onto the music scene in 2005 with You’re Beautiful. The 36-year-old claims he is better placed than most to explore the sensitive side to human emotions following his six year stint in the army.

“We had to really understand emotions, because, if someone starts getting fearful, then they will feel aggressive. There might be moments when we are peacekeepers and understand the different sides of a story. So I think soldiers are much more aware when we come back to civilian life,” he revealed.

As a result James insists former soldiers are highly sensitive individuals capable of intense emotions. It’s this rawness that holds special appeal for the songwriter who often finds the contrast of the music industry unsettling. He insists he would rather take on the principles of warfare over the politics of mainstream music any day.

“I like the purity of the job of a soldier, because you’re dealing with two fundamentally clear, important things: life and death. In the music industry, you are dealing with perception and misperception, the sense of fame and image. It’s all a distraction,” he explained.

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