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Jarvis Cocker: I'm hitting the gym

Jarvis Cocker is not leaving anything to chance for Pulp's upcoming US tour, and the musician revealed he is hitting the gym to keep his energy up onstage.

The frontman, famous for his enthusiastic dancing during the height of Britpop in the 90s, admitted that a recent performance left him breathless after just two songs and that he is determined to improve his stamina before the reformed band take to the stage in a mini-tour of America later this year.

"We did two songs at the NME Awards recently, and I was tired after that so I realised I needed to do some exercise," Jarvis told Shortlist magazine.

"I decided that although I'm the more mature performer I still want to move about a bit, so I've been to the gym a couple of times. I mean, I could lift up a table and chuck it."

But while Jarvis is full of praise for exercise, the same cannot be said for his views on talent shows.

"I gave up on The X Factor when they did that awful version of Heroes by David Bowie," said Jarvis, who now has a successful career as an award-winning BBC Radio DJ. "It's not music, is it? I don't want to sound like a fuddy-duddy, but to me it's everything I don't agree with.

"The idea on The X Factor that these experts come in and tell you how [to be a pop star], how to style yourself and everything else. Also look at the level of experts. In a world where Louis Walsh can be considered an expert, something's wrong."


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