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Jay Sean reignites musical passion

Jay Sean has revealed how his love for music-making has been reinvigorated - by an eight-year-old.

The Down star has been dishing out advice to youngsters wanting to get into the music industry as part of Disney XD's Aim High mentorship and found himself particularly moved by one boy's enthusiasm.

"This kid, he was so excited to be in that booth and to be recording, and I saw myself in him. That little kid in me came out, I guess," he said.

The 30-year-old added: "When it's your job, I think sometimes you... become acclimatised to it. You become too used to it as well, and you really don't realise how fun it is. I've been doing this for over nine years. I'm in a booth every day of my life."

Jay - who will release his new album Freeze Time in July - has been taken aback by the talent he has seen on the mentorship.

"This guy was eight, but his rapping was on point. It was great because you could tell he loved it so much," he continued.

"Kids are like sponges - they are so capable of processing so many different things at once, and absorbing so much knowledge, and I feel like a lot of their potential is lost if you don't feed it at that young age. You're instilling them with hope, confidence, courage and potential, and all those things are immensely important for kids to have."

:: Visit for details of Disney XD's Aim High's brand new mentorships.


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