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Jay-Z: Kanye and I push each other

Jay-Z admitted he and Kanye West don't always see eye-to-eye, but that helps them push each other to do their best.

The hip-hop stars - who have teamed up to form The Throne - put aside any differences they may have to celebrate the launch of their new album Watch The Throne at The Darby in New York, the New York Post reports.

Jay-Z told Hot 97: "Kanye is my brother. Yes, we get on each other's nerves, but that's part of pushing each other."

The pair were reported to have clashed over plans for their tour in September, as Kanye was said to want to blow their budget, while businessman Jay-Z is meticulous about costs and wants to pay back a long-term advance he has with promoter Live Nation.

But after Kanye attended the early listening party for Watch The Throne at the Hayden Planetarium and Jay-Z was joined by Beyonce and Kelly Rowland at a later listening party for music-industry insiders, the rappers went out partying together until the early hours at The Darby, where models danced to their new album.


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