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Jedward star stretchered off stage after injury

By Clare Weir

Cheesy Irish pop duo Jedward have been reduced to being a solo act after one of the X-Factor twins suffered an agonising leg injury on stage.

Edward Grimes (18) fell awkwardly while performing the Ghostbusters theme tune Who Ya Gonna Call? at T4 On The Beach in Weston-Super-Mare yesterday.

However despite initially crashing to the ground clutching his leg, the trouper carried on until the end of the number either on his knees or hopping around the stage.

Clearly in pain, he finished the performance before giving twin John a huge high five as he completed the routine.

But the pain was too much and the teen was stretchered to an ambulance with worried twin John in hot pursuit.

Sources say the Dublin singer may have broken a bone or at least suffered some sort of ligament damage.

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