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Jedward’s X Factor tour pals fuming over songs

Belfast-bound Jedward have been getting the cold shoulder from their fellow X Factor acts after being given twice as many songs on the show's tour.

However, one half of the quiff-haired Irish duo defended the producers' choice to give the audience more Jedward.

John explained: “We have three or four songs, and the others have two. It's because of this year's show and all the stuff there was about us. We are not going to complain, it's what we are being told to do.”

The X Factor 2010 tour comes to Belfast’s Odyssey Arena on March 17 and 18.

As the most talked-about contestants on this year's competition, the twins have also been the most successful since the programme wrapped, and are lapping up their debut single landing at number one on the Irish download charts.

But their former rivals are not taking the duo's success so well.

A show source said other contestants are frustrated by the amount of attention the boys are still receiving.

“Some of the others who got further in the competition might not be too happy, but Jedward are the stars,” he said.

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