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Jenkins won't sing at own wedding

Katherine Jenkins has said she has no plans to sing at her own wedding because she wants to have the day off.

The classical singer admitted she was looking forward to some time away from the day job when she got married, in an interview with Good Morning Britain.

Asked whether she planned to perform on the big day, Katherine replied: "Can I have a day off for that? I've got some friends I can ask."

She said of her fiance Andrew Levitas: "I'm very lucky to have met such a lovely man, he's from New York and proposed to me in the Hamptons.

"It hasn't really been that long since we got engaged, we got engaged in April, and so now we've got a family from obviously Wales and a family from America and trying to get them together so, I haven't really got that far with it yet.

"They've met, everyone got on, I knew that they would all hit it off, they are very similar people and family is important to both groups - so it's great, it's really lovely."

Katherine has recently returned to record label Decca, which she first signed with at 23, and said of her upcoming 10th album: "It's an album of returning to my roots in all ways, back to the original company, back to more classical music and the style of my earlier albums.

"It's unbelievable to me because I do think back to that first album that I did and I couldn't even believe I was getting the opportunity to do that, so to think that 10 years later, I feel very lucky."


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