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Jennifer Hudson pays tribute to late nephew

Jennifer Hudson took part in a toy drive this week to make sure other children are as happy at Christmas as she was.

The American star was delighted to be involved in the special event at Chicago's Navy Pier on Wednesday, where gifts were given away to local kids. The drive was in honour of Jennifer’s late nephew Julian King, who was killed aged seven along with her mother and brother in 2008.

Jennifer felt the event was a fitting way to remember Julian as it will help ensure less privileged kids have something new to play with over the festive season.

“It is a good way to keep [Julian's] memory alive by blessing other children through the holiday season. For us, we never had a sad Christmas, so we want to make other children's Christmas be as enjoyable as ours were growing up,” she explained.

“That's what makes me happy during the holiday season - just to see someone smile and clap or [be] excited, that makes my holiday.”

Jennifer sister Julia Hudson, Julian’s mother, was also at the toy drive. She was thrilled with the turn out, and explained why it was such an appropriate event to attach her son’s name to.

“He always had toys. I would come home and see his bike down the street and say, 'Why is your bike down the street?' 'Oh I gave it away.' This would be right up his alley I think,” she told “I know he's smiling, something he would have done, exactly.”

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