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Jess Glynne battles flying phobia as career takes off

Pop star Jess Glynne has admitted she has a crippling fear of flying.

The Don't Be So Hard On Yourself singer is facing a tough battle with her phobia as her career takes off.

As her music takes her overseas, she is increasingly forced to handle more plane "take-off"s which leave her sobbing and terrified.

She told The Sun's Fabulous magazine: "Every flight I just end up crying and I feel like the more I've flown, the worse it's got.

"Like the other day, I was flying back from Milan and I was having a fit. The plane dropped.

"One of the guys in my band is the same. We were both on that plane in tears."

Glynne, 26, has had a breakthrough 18 months, with three number one singles, a number one album - I Cry When I Laugh - and a performance at the Brit Awards. She is also lined up for Glastonbury and V Festival.

But she insisted she was a "private person", adding: "Being in the spotlight makes me quite insecure."

The singer has previously opened up about her love life, saying she had been with both men and women - but refusing to label her sexuality.

After her Brits performance, reports linked her to backing singer Holly Petrie when they were apparently spotted getting cosy at an after-party.

But Glynne insisted she was only dancing and having fun with her band - and rumour-mongers need to lay off.

"That's the thing I kinda hate…," she said.

"Because I'm dancing with a girl and I've said I was in a relationship with a girl before… any girl I'm seen with now is going to be my new 'love interest'.

"But really my business is my business."


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