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Jessie J opens up about new album

Jessie J has insisted she is going to "chill" when it comes to making her second album.

The 23-year-old admitted things feel very different the second time around because there is more expectation, but told the Daily Star she is just going to stick to what she does best.

Jessie, whose debut offering Who You Are was a huge hit, said: "It's weird as the whole world is watching me going, 'When is it coming?' It's so different from the first time. Then I was like, 'I'm doing an album and no-one knows about it.' Now everyone keeps asking what it's about, but I haven't written it yet. I'm excited that I don't know what it sounds like. It's good pressure."

The Price Tag singer continued: "If I take on too much of the expectations from my fans, the world and the media I think I'd start to get a bit worried.

"I think if I chill and do what I do best, if I write about things I experience from my heart, that I think the world wants to hear, then it'll work."


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