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Jessie Ware talks second album

Jessie Ware has said she can feel her fan base building.

The singer, 30, has penned and recorded her second album, Tough Love.

She said: "It's really quite exciting. I think the record is there for people to discover and it still hasn't reached everyone.

"I have people that I never expect to like my music come up to me and say they like it. Maybe they only know one song, but either way, it's building all the time, and I can feel it."

Her debut Devotion, released just after the London 2012 Olympics, was nominated for the following year's Mercury Prize.

"I felt so much more confident this time, and I didn't overthink it," she said. "Some of the best songs on the album came from when I didn't even know I was writing an album."

Her second album also includes a collaboration with Ed Sheeran - they wrote Say You Love Me together - which happened while in New York.

"We have mutual friends, but we'd never hung out," she said.

"Then we started writing. I didn't expect anything, really, you never can when writing with someone new because it just might not happen, and we only had a really short amount of time, but it worked a dream."

:: Jessie Ware's second album Tough Love is out now. She begins her tour on January 20. For information, visit


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