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John Newman working on new music

The singer said it will be his ‘most honest’ record to date.

John Newman has promised fans his upcoming album will be the “most honest and important record” to date.

The singer-songwriter announced his return to making music a year after he was battling a second brain tumour.

In a post on Instagram he wrote: “I know it seems I have been away a while. I have taken the time to make sure I am well and to make sure what i make musically is the best I have made to date.

“This album will me most honest and important record I make (sic).”

He added: “I am currently preparing music to release as some of you may have heard in one of the many incredible live shows I have had this summer.

“Thank you for all still being so incredible and patient and I very much look forward to the journey we have ahead, together.”

Newman was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour in 2012, which was successfully removed.

However, the medics subsequently found a second tumour when Newman went for a routine MRI scan in 2015.


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