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Jon Bon Jovi explains why he cancelled rather than postponed tour

The singer said he wanted fans to get their money back during the crisis.


Jon Bon Jovi has cancelled recent gigs (Victoria Jones/PA)

Jon Bon Jovi has cancelled recent gigs (Victoria Jones/PA)

Jon Bon Jovi has cancelled recent gigs (Victoria Jones/PA)

Jon Bon Jovi has said it was important for Bon Jovi to cancel their tour rather than postpone so that fans would get refunds to help pay their bills during the coronavirus crisis.

The band were due to embark on a string of shows over the summer but axed the dates due to the global pandemic and pushed back the release of their upcoming album.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music, the lead singer said: “We’ve cancelled it, it’s not postponed, and so people are going to be able to get refunds.

“The reason that we cancelled instead of postponing it for a year is because I was very aware that folks are going to need that money and that money’s going to help with rent or groceries and credit card bills.

“In this time of uncertainty, we just wanted folks to know that they were there for us for these three-plus decades. We’re there for them.

“We will be back when it’s okay to be back. That’s right. It’s not postponement.

“I don’t want you holding onto a piece of paper when you’ve got a credit card bill sitting on your kitchen table. So, let’s clear the air.

“It was for reasons of safety. That’s why I cancelled the tour and I was most concerned that our fans would get that money in their hands to help pay the bills.

“So, with that said, the album is delayed until the fall and I’m disappointed, especially disappointed because the record is so great, but we’ll be back. Everything will be just as it was when it’s time.”

Discussing the importance of staying at home during the crisis, he said: “It is a new normal, it’s a scary time, but much like other scary times, we as Americans have always seemed to come through, and right now, people are wondering if they should go outside.

“People are tired of being in the house and what is going on in week six. But this is the toughest moment that we’ve had to face because we can’t go out too soon.

“We as a people need to come together so that this doesn’t boomerang on us and turn into something far worse.

“When people talk about the economy tanking, if God forbid this thing turns around on us and becomes worse, that’s when it’s going to tank.

“Right now, if people can, they’ve got to try to be patient, and I understand you’re cooped up in the house and I understand that the pay-cheques aren’t coming in. Believe me, I do.

“But in the big picture, just social distancing and being patient in your community is really going to make all the difference in the world.”