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Justin Bieber hangs up on interview

Justin Bieber hung up the phone on a radio interview - after being asked whether Harry Styles fancied his mum.

The One Direction star's penchant for older women sparked reports that Justin said he needed to keep the British singer away from his mum.

Justin told US radio show Mojo In The Morning that he was good friends with the band, saying: "They were in town a while ago... they came over... they're good kids."

But asked by host Thomas Carballot whether he worried about Harry being around his mum, the irritated star replied: "Do I wonder what? ... You should worry about... your mom bro."

The interviewer replied: "Justin my mum's dead so unfortunately it wouldn't work. This is the moment of the interview when unfortunately it goes south" before the line went dead.

Justin, 18, already sounded irritated after the DJ said his voice on the track Boyfriend sounded like Justin Timberlake's.

"That's crazy because our voices sound nothing alike," he said.

"I'm not trying to sound like anyone. Saying I sound like someone else is not really a compliment."


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