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Justin Bieber: I was an accident

Justin Bieber has admitted that he was "definitely an accident".

The Boyfriend singer spoke about his relationship with his young mum after she mistakenly interrupted his live radio interview by calling his mobile phone.

Justin put Pattie Mallette, who was only 18 when she had him, on speakerphone after she called him during his chat with Australia's 2Day FM.

"You're live on the radio right now mom," the singer said.

Pattie said that she didn't mean to interrupt, but that she was missing the star, to which he replied: "I miss you mom."

Asked whether Justin was planning to become a father now he's 18, he told the show: "No, I was definitely an accident."

Justin added: "It's great my mum is super young. She's a friend and a mum. She's always been really strict, she still keeps me in line."


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