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Justin Timberlake: I motivated Tom Brady to win Super Bowl spot

The half-time show performer said he wanted to gee the quarterback up before the deciding game.

Trolls Light Up The London Eye – London
Trolls Light Up The London Eye – London

Justin Timberlake has spoken about his friendship with NFL star Tom Brady ahead of his performance at the Super Bowl.

The Senorita singer will perform at the half-time show, while New England Patriots quarterback Brady is bidding to win his sixth Super Bowl title when his team face the Philadelphia Eagles.

The singer revealed he tried to gee Brady up before his team sealed their Super Bowl spot by beating the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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“I actually texted Tom before the Conference Championship Game and I said ‘I’m going to the Super Bowl, are you going to the Super Bowl?’ – just to get him fired up,” Timberlake said.

“Obviously schedules always get in the way of I guess ‘bro-time’, but Tom’s great, he’s the greatest of all time, officially. Tom’s definitely the type of dude you’d invite over to watch the Super Bowl with you, the problem is he’s always
in the Super Bowl!

“He has great hair, though, I mean great hair. I’d say he’s on my list (of man crushes). The feeling is reciprocated. If you want to make this official.

“We’ve played some golf together, that’s one thing I enjoy doing a lot.

“Any time you get to share Tom like that away from everything, with somebody that you have a lot of true respect and admiration for how seriously he takes his craft and how great he is at it.

“I know that we’re very like-minded people and so it’s nice to be around somebody like that and not just hang with them, but also pick their brain on what makes them so great. Maybe take a little bit of the Brady sauce!”

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