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Kaiser Chief fans record new track

The Kaiser Chiefs have given two fans an Oh My God moment to remember - by flying them to South Africa to take part in recording a new song.

Superfans Jessica Wright, 35, and Sarah Luke, 22, were delighted when they were told Ricky Wilson, Andrew White, Simon Rix, Nick 'Peanut' Baines and Vijay Mistry were inviting them to South Africa to see the band perform while on tour with the Foo Fighters.

But the treat - organised by MasterCard as a part of their Priceless Surprises campaign for the 2015 Brit Awards - got even better when the Kaiser Chiefs asked them to join in recording new track Say My Name at the studio.

Lead singer Ricky said: "These guys, they really have been loyal and they really do support us, and we can't invite everyone into the studio.

"It's great because, especially with Jessica, I've seen her at a few gigs before, and she does travel quite a lot to come and see us, and it's nice to be able to fly her out to South Africa, which is probably the furthest she's been for a Kaiser Chiefs gig!"

And The Voice judge admitted having the fans in the studio had lifted the whole recording.

He said: "We get to do this every day and we enjoy it, but I didn't realise how taken aback they'd be. It's hardly work, it's just messing around in a studio, but we see it a lot and they don't.

"Even when we invite friends to do things like that it makes you appreciate it more, because you see how excited they are."

Ricky added: "You get excited on Christmas Day about giving presents, you get excited getting them as well, but giving them is really good, and this feels a little bit like that. It's something you can't buy, it's something we're able to give someone and it's not even that hard."

The girls performed on the record, playing percussion, and were given the first copies of the new song.

Sarah, from Teeside, said of the experience: "It was an out of this world experience to be that close to the Kaiser Chiefs who I have been following for years and just love. South Africa is a beautiful country, and it really was the trip of a lifetime!"

Kaiser Chiefs fans can check out for their own chance of seeing the band up close at an exclusive gig later this year.


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