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Kasabian's Serge: I'm no indie boy

Serge Pizzorno has declared that he hates indie bands and does not consider Kasabian to be one.

The musician told FHM his band had survived to their fourth album because they constantly reinvent themselves, branding the band "future rock" instead of indie.

He said: "We've never been an indie band, you know, and I sort of f***ing hate indie bands, I despise that speed of music."

Serge went on to say that getting to the fourth album, Velociraptor, was like "surviving the apocalypse".

"It's just us and the Arctic Monkeys, isn't it?" he said.

"I wish there were more people on top, but not many bands make it to album four. I think rock'n'roll is at a weird point. It needs to step into the future and re-invent itself, because people don't buzz off it anymore. It needs to work with other genres and fuse into this f***ing amazing beast."

He added that the new album is not as dark as their third album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, describing it as "very direct and less ambiguous".

:: The full interview is in the current issue of FHM.


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