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Kasabian's Tom anxious over Glasto

Kasabian's lead singer Tom Meighan has revealed his nerves ahead of the group's set at Glastonbury.

The Leicester rockers will play on the Pyramid Stage on the festival's final night on June 29, following headliners Metallica and Arcade Fire. Despite previously performing at Worthy Farm three times, the frontman admitted to some butterflies before their performance.

"I'll be feeling anxious. My heart will be fluttering, but then it will be over in a flash," Tom told MailOnline.

"If there are people out there who aren't fans, we will convert them. This year's line-up is more rocky. There are so many great bands playing on the other stages that it should be a great weekend."

His bandmate Sergio Pizzorno teased their performance will satisfy fans: " I already know what song we're going to open with, but I'm not telling anyone. You'll have to wait.

"But we've done over a thousand gigs in the past 10 years, so we're primed. We've played to bored crowds in the middle of Austria and won them over, so we've paid our dues. I know there's more to playing a great festival show than writing a few good tunes, and we're not going to let anyone down."

Serge said they would play their biggest smash hits to the lucky festival goers.

"With Glastonbury, you're not just performing to your regular fans, so you have to captivate the crowd quickly," he said.

"Nobody wants to hear your obscure B-Sides. They want to hear your biggest tunes. It can all go horribly wrong, but the worst thing is to be afraid."

The 33-year-old guitarist and songwriter also added: "You have to draw people in and tell them it's going to be an incredible night."


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