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Kasabian's Tom: I'm glad we're here

Kasabian have hit out at the British music scene.

The band's frontman Tom Meighan said that there was a "drought" of rock 'n' roll bands in the charts.

The singer told Contact Music: "There's a rock 'n' roll drought at the moment, so I'm glad we're here.

"People are frightened of making records that sound good on the radio."

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno said that the music world had been "overrun by pop" and that he hated the "indie" apathetic attitude.

He said: "I'm not religious, I don't think there's anything after this, so I'm here to have a good time and this is the one chance I've got.

"So get me the fur coat and let's crack on."

The band released their fourth studio album, Velociraptor!, in September last year.


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