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Katherine Jenkins singing the praises of 'gorgeous' daughter Aaliyah

Singer Katherine Jenkins has said having a baby has "enriched" her relationship with her husband.

The Welsh star, 35, had a daughter in September called Aaliyah with filmmaker and artist Andrew Levitas.

The couple married at Hampton Court Palace in 2014 following a whirlwind romance, and Jenkins said their baby girl has "completed" them.

She told Hello! magazine: " Some people are quick to point out negative things: you'll never sleep again, you won't have a life. Yes, it has been tiring but it has been amazing.

"I'm so enjoying having this gorgeous little thing in my life.

"She has enriched us as a couple. We both love being a family and don't ever want to be apart from one another. She has completed us. We are a team."

Jenkins said she already knows Aaliyah is interested in music.

"She is a very sweet, girlie little girl. Very smiley, happy and contented. But she is strong-willed and independent, too. She doesn't need to be fussed over.

"I can already tell that she has a keen interest in music. I sing to her a lot when she needs entertaining. I sing You Are My Sunshine and, at bathtime, we sing all the usual nursery rhymes," she said.

Jenkins is among stars performing at a major celebration marking the Queen's 90th birthday in May.

She will sing at Windsor Castle, then sing a tribute to the Queen at the Royal Albert Hall and Birmingham's Symphony Hall in June before releasing an album in her honour.

She told the magazine: "I suppose it is my birthday gift to Her Majesty. It doesn't matter how many times you are asked to sing for Her Majesty, you never ever get blase about it.

"I knew I'd be taking maternity leave so it has been exciting knowing this was one of the first things I'd be coming back to."

:: Read the full article in Hello! out now.


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