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Katy Perry: I'm far from perfect

Katy Perry has said she has got several faults - and poor time-keeping and the inability to cook are just two of them.

The pop star, 29, told German magazine Joy that she doesn't always look good, the Daily Mirror reported, but that she doesn't care.

"I'm always late. I can't help it; I get it from my mother. Also I find it hard to turn down sweets if there are some in the studio," Katy was quoted as saying.

The Roar singer added: "There are phases when I walk around with a swollen face due to acne.

"It's fine for people to see me like that. Then they know you don't have to be perfect to be successful. Perfection is boring."

Katy, who is dating singer John Mayer and was previously married to funnyman Russell Brand, added: " I can't even boil an egg."


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