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Katy Perry's angsty teen tour video

Katy Perry as an angsty teenager has emerged in a video filmed during her first ever tour.

The Roar singer was on the road at 16 years old in 2001 and was filmed showing the cameraman, Jim Standridge, around her messy shared tour bus.

A fresh-faced Katy, with short, highlighted hair, says: "Yeah, I'm pretty conceited. I usually put loads of make-up on because I'm a pizza face. Would you like pepperoni or cheese?"

According to the Daily Mirror, she also says: "I absolutely love the road, it's fun. You meet all kinds of people. It's just like vacation."

When the cameraman says she seems very smart, the singer replies: "Too bad I'm in the 9th grade for the second year! I'm specially skilled in other places."

Katy also talks about writer's block and missing her parents.

She says: "I have this writer's block that I've had for like six months, it really stinks."

While dabbing at her eyes with a towel, she continues: "You know when you really hate your parents so much you miss them?"

The video also includes footage of Katy singing on stage in a much more acoustic style, playing a guitar and without any of her trademark flamboyant costumes or stage sets.


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