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Katy turns to fans for next single

Katy Perry turned to her fans asking them to help her pick her next single.

Supporters were encouraged via Twitter to weigh in on what song from her Teenage Dream album should be released next.

The I Kissed A Girl star Tweeted: "People u are the reason why I'm here, so what song off of Teenage Dream do u want to blow up next?! Put a # next to the song YOU want!"

Some of Katy's celebrity followers such as Perez Hilton made their choices clear when he replied: "@katyperry It HAS to be #Peacock! Definitely!!!!"

Katy, who is married to funnyman Russell Brand, didn't reveal the name of the tune she had picked, but let fans know there is a clear winner.

"Thanks for all your great suggestions for the next single today! Your voice has been heard! We're on the same page...," she wrote later.

The new single would follow in the footsteps of California Gurls, Teenage Dream and Firework.


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