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Keane star: New album feels right

Keane singer Tom Chaplin has confessed he never felt like a real frontman until now.

The UK band release their fourth album, Strangeland, on May 7, and Tom admitted it took him a long time to find his confidence.

"Last year I was restless, I was pretty down for a while, missing this, itching to get out and sing again," he told The Star.

"It's probably not until this record that I have ever felt super-confident about being Keane's frontman. I've been a dribbling wreck, full of insecurities."

Tom's bandmate, pianist and songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley, revealed the Bedshaped band weren't very cool when they started out.

"When we started we were typical teenagers who wanted to meet girls. A bunch of geeks who wanted to find a way of being cool," he said.


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