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Kelly Clarkson fires back at online troll who insulted her

Kelly Clarkson had a brilliant response to a body-shamer who called her ‘fat’.

Kelly Clarkson has delighted her fans by hitting back at an online troll who criticised her figure.

The American Idol winner, 35, and mother of two spoke out after the Twitter user poked fun at her weight.

Clarkson had tweeted a message on July 4 thanking “every person who fought for us to experience freedom & independence”.

One troll piped up: “You’re fat.”

But Clarkson retorted: “… and still f****** awesome”, adding a winking emoji.

The singer’s witty response went down a storm with her fans online, who are applauding her for shutting down the bodyshamer.

One tweeted: “@kelly_clarkson you are THE MOST awesome person I’ve ever met!”

“Legend, shutting down the haters!” said another.

“You are one of the best humans out there!!” said another fan, sharing a video clip of Clarkson tossing her hair over her shoulders.


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