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Kelly Clarkson gets even Stronger

Kelly Clarkson says her new album "works" because she was given more freedom.

The singer, who was the first American Idol a decade ago, calls her new collection of 13 songs "the easiest record that I've made with my label."

But she makes clear that is because the bosses bent to her will, not the other way around, saying: "I think people project on you like the formula that has worked in the past. And then they get to know you.

"(Now) they know me better as an artist, they know me better as a person. They know what I'm going to do and what I don't like, and it just really works."

Stronger has been released this week, with little of the drama and public disputes that accompanied her previous albums.

"I've been a fighter since I started walking," she said, adding: "We get one life. You want to make sure that you're living it how you want to live it."


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