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Kelly 'nervous' to meet Madonna

Kelly Osbourne has admitted she was "so nervous" about working with music icon Madonna.

The TV presenter, who once covered Madonna's song Papa Don't Preach, said during a special appearance at Macy's in Hollywood: "I was the girl that watched [her] meet my father a million times, I was a true fan."

A special pink-themed party was held in the department store to promote Kelly becoming the new 'face' of Madonna and daughter Lourdes' US fashion brand, Material Girl.

"I'd been in the same room as Madonna before but never had the guts to go up and say hello," Kelly admitted.

"I was really shy and when I met her I couldn't really say much!" she laughed.

Kelly also said she still considers London to be the most stylish city in the world.

"You can be who you want to be in London and not get judged for it," Kelly explained. "People might say something but it's not like you committing a cardinal sin!"

In spite of being a full-time resident in Hollywood these days, Kelly says she hasn't quite given in to the pressure to look perfect 24 hours a day.

"I think you'd probably be taken aback by how many pairs of sweatpants I have," she teased.

"If I don't have to get dressed up I will quite happily go out and have dinner in my sweatpants and not care," she giggled.


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