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Kendrick unveils artwork and track listings for Damn

The album comes out this Friday.

US rapper Kendrick Lamar has confirmed his latest album features a collaboration with U2 as he unveiled the record’s track listings and artwork.

The album, titled Damn, is Kendrick’s third studio record and features an appearance from Rihanna on Loyalty.

The musician posted the 14-track album’s artwork on Twitter on Tuesday morning, with the cover featuring him standing in front of a brick wall in a simple white T-shirt.

He also appears on the back of the record, alongside the track listings. All the song titles are just one word, including Blood, DNA, Fear and his recently released single, Humble.

Fans on social media were excited by the appearance of Rihanna on the record, although some were unsure about the presence of U2.

Damn is out on Friday.


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