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Kooks 'needed to get excited again'

The Kooks' frontman Luke Pritchard has admitted that the band needed a change of direction.

Luke, 26, said he had been "pretty unhappy with the way things were going ... in terms of our own music" before they made their third album.

The album, Junk Of The Heart, was recorded in LA, where the singer says they became inspired again.

He said: "It's not all roses, you know, being in a band. And after eight years, you start to wonder if it's what you want to do. You question everything."

He added: "It never got so bad that we were going to split or anything.

"But it just didn't feel right. We would have loved to have banged out a record a lot sooner, but we needed to get excited again."

He said of the latest album: "It was a big turnaround when the music started going well. Finally, I think we've got a good thing going with this album and we have a future again, but before, I couldn't see that."

:: The Kooks release their third album Junk Of The Heart today (September 12) and begin their UK tour on September 30.


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