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La Roux: I don't want another hit

La Roux has said she doesn't want another big hit after Bulletproof.

The song debuted at number one after its release in 2009 from the synthpop act's eponymous debut album.

But the singer - aka Elly Jackson - says the success was a bit much to cope with.

Elly, who has enjoyed critical acclaim for her second studio album Trouble In Paradise, suffered panic attacks while she was touring her last album.

She told Digital Spy: "Part of the anxiety I experienced was because of the type of attention that Bulletproof received, and therefore I received.

"I wasn't that keen on it. I don't know if I want to have a hit like that again."

And she added: "You stop being able to be respected in any way shape or form. I started to feel that basically... I really didn't like it, and I knew I needed to put time between me and that. I needed to put a record between me and that."

She said she was really happy with the new record, but not the performance of her record label who have "not really bothered".

She added: "I think that's a real shame considering the critical acclaim and the love the record received."


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