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Labrinth: I'm an old man at heart!

Labrinth insists that he prefers tea and crumpets to showbiz parties.

The Earthquake star is enjoying huge success - with debut record Electronic Earth riding high in the album charts - but the 23-year-old confessed he likes the simple pleasures in life.

He told The Star: "I can't be doing with the glitz and glamour. It's fake and boring.

"I'm an old man - as long as there's tea and crumpets I'm happy. Loads of people want to be your mate because you're successful but I don't care."

Labrinth is also looking forward to giving fans a listen to his tracks with Usher this summer.

He added: "We've got two firing records I'm working on for him. Can't say too much about them but they've got very good melodies."


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