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Lady Gaga dresses pooch as Yoda

Lady Gaga isn't limiting her love of eccentric outfits to her own wardrobe - she's dressed her dog as Yoda.

The Born This Way singer was pictured with her French Bulldog Asia leaving her hotel in Manchester, where she is on tour.

The star herself was also dressed to be noticed, in a huge black and white hat and multi-coloured jester style outfit.

Lady G aga was also keen to show off her latest tattoo - on her armpit.

The Manchester Evening News reported that she flew tattoo artist Eric Gonzalez over from LA to Manchester to complete the inking, which appears as a tribute to her fans, known as "monsters".

She tweeted: "Feel more complete w/ my new tat, a declaration that I'm always with u, thanks for a killer summer. And for everything. the Mother Monster."

The star added: "Someone asked me if my mother monster tattoo hurt. I said not as much as it hurt to get here. #ItsALongWayToTheTopIfYouWannaRockNroll."


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